Multiuser laboratories

The Laboratório de Filmes Finos e Superfícies still has access to the multiuser laboratories of the Departamento de Física and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina:

  • Laboratório Central de Microscopia Eletrônica – LCME: The LCME is an institucional multiuser laboratory of UFSC. It has two Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) with 100 kV and 200 kV; two Scanning electron microscopes (MEV) being one by field emission (SEM-FEG). Still have possibilities as chemical analysis by EDS, confocal and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Laboratório Multiusuário de Difração de Raios-X – LDRX: The LDRX is a multiuser laboratory of Departamento de Física, has a X`Pert Pro Panalytical X-ray diffractometer  to analysis of crystalline phases in reflection and transmission geometries, Rietveld, thin films, texture, including X’Celerator detector, temperature and high-stage chamber to sample capillary..
  • Laboratório Multiusuário de Caracterização Magnética de Materiais – LMCMM: The LMCMM is dedicated to the analysis of magnetic materials. It features a EV9 Microsence Vibrant Sample Magnetometer (VSM) and Quantum Design Dynacool Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS).
  • Laboratório de Microfabricação – LabMicro: This laboratory is dedicated to the microfabrication of devices. It has in its infrastructure a Laserwhiter mPG 101 Heidelberg printer and a sputtering thin film deposition system, as well as other peripherals for microfabrication.