Microfabrication laboratory

      The laboratory consists of a clean room class 1000, equipped with a direct write system to perform photolithography.


Currently the laboratory has three lines of research, which are:

  • Structures for spin-polarized current injection in semiconductor materials;
  • Structures for Spin-Valves;
  • Structures for semiconductor electrical characterization.


  • Laserwhiter mPG 101 Heidelberg – Structures down to 1.0 μm – Substrates up to 10cm;
  • Sputtering to thin films/ contact deposition. Equipped with 2 guns (DC and RF) and 6 targets (Au, Cu, Co, MgO, Al2O, CoFe).


  • Hot plate;
  • Spin-coater;
  • Ultrasonic bath;
  • Thermal bath;
  • Exhaust hood;
  • Dehumidifier;
  • Desiccator;
  • Refrigerator.


Prof. André Pasa: pasa@fisica.ufsc.br
Phone: +55 48 3721-2303

Operation schedule