LFFS structure

      The Laboratório de Filmes Finos e Superfícies has a physical area of approximately 180m², distributed in 6 rooms located in Bloco da Colina and one in Bloco G1 of the Department of Physics of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

Scanning Probe Microscope

     A probe sweeps a surface, measuring variations in height and physical and chemical properties – Atomic Force Mode and Tunneling Mode (AFM / STM).

Possibilities of the system:

• 5 scanners with differents resolutions;
• Contact and non-contact mode (AAC/MAC);
• Mode CS-AFM;
In-situ characterization;
• Electrochemical environment.


EV-90 Electron Beam Thermal Evaporator

       Physical vapor deposition (PVD) system by electron beam. In the electron beam evaporation the vapors necessary for the deposition are obtained from the focus of an energetic electron beam in the crucible containing the material to be deposited and heating it until reaching its point of evaporation.

The system has:

• 3 kW e-Gun;
• Pneumatic shutter;
• Working pressure ~ 1E-8 to 2E-6 torr;
• 3-positions targuets to e-beam;
• Quartz cristal to thickness control (0.1 Å).

Potenciostat AutoLab 302N

      This equipment controls the voltage difference between a working electrode and a reference electrode. Both electrodes are contained in an electrochemical cell. The potentiostat performs this control by injecting current into the cell through an auxiliary electrode or counter electrode. Used for electrodeposition of thin films, photoelectrochemical tests and other electrical characterizations.

Equipment especifications:

• Potenciostat and galvanostic module;
• Current range: 0 – 2 A;
• Current resolution: <0.1 pA;
• Maximum potential: 9.9V;
• FRA (Frequency Response Analysis) module.

Cryostat 10K Janis CCR

      Closed cycle refrigerator system (CCR) with optical window, used to electrical and magnetoelectric characterization with temperature variation from 8 to 350K.

Equipment also has:

• Agilent U2741 Modular Multimeter;
• Agilent U2722 Modular Current Source;
• Agilent U2761 modular function generator;
• Agilent Data Acquisition;
• Keithley 485 Amperimeter Peak;
• Lock-in Stanford SR830;
• LakeShore 331 Temperature Controller.

Tubular Termal Furnace

      Tubular furnace used for heat treatment of samples. The samples are conditioned inside quartz tubes, with possibility of gas flow (Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen) during the treatment.

• Automátic time and temperature control with digital display;
• Uniform distribuition of heat;
• Reaches temperatures up to 1100°C;
• 10 differents programs;
• Tubes with controlled environment;

Vaccum Pumps

      The laboratory has today about 11 Vacuum Pumps distributed among the equipments.

• 4 Molecular turbo pumps;
• 3 Diffuser pumps;
• 2 Mechanical rotary pumps;
• 2 Dessicant pumps. 


Complete machine shop

       The laboratory has a room with a complete workshop, possessing the most diverse tools necessary for maintenance, creation and development of equipment.


Portable potenciostat IVIUM and PALMSENS

SPR – BI2000

       The SPR uses the principle of surface plasmon resonance by the Kretschmann configuration for the detection of adsorbed molecules on the surface of a metal substrate.


The system has:

• Two-channel SPR detection unit;
• Flow injection system;
• Precision syringe pump; 
• Compatible with electrochemical applications;
• Sensitivity (<10-4 graus) for large and small molecules (<100 Daltons) allows users to measure binding constants for some pM-1;
• Control / Analysis software.


      The laboratory has all kinds of peripheral equipment necessary for conducting research, such as:

  • Current/ Voltage sources;
  • pHmeter;
  • Multimeters (5);
  • Precision balance;
  • Magnetic Heaters and Stirrers;
  • Exhaust hood (2);
  • GloveBox;
  • Thermal baths;
  • Ultrassonic baths;
  • Desiccator;
  • Electrical kiln;
  • Optical microscope;