The Thin Films and Surfaces Laboratory (LFFS) was founded by Professor André Avelino Pasa on February 8th, 1994. The group focused in implementing a new research area in the Physics Department of Federal University of Santa Catarina, focused on the study of solid material surfaces and thin layers aiming applications in microelectronic devices. Over the years, the laboratory has been involved in several research projects, having trained so far 20 masters and 21 doctors, in addition to dozens of undergraduate students. Currently, the group is also made up of professors Cristiani Campos Plá Cid (group head) and Deise Schafer.

Research areas currently involve the synthesis and characterization of thin films and materials such as Prussian blue, bismuth selenide and perovskites, which have applications in photovoltaics, spintronics, batteries, supercapacitors and resistive switching. Besides materials development, the research projects are focused on the underlying physical phenomena observed in metal, semiconductor e topological insulator thin films.

The group has its own extensive infrastructure for materials growth, either by evaporation or chemical synthesis methods, standing out in the area of ​​electrodeposition. The characterization capabilities involve a wide range of techniques for measuring structural, optical and electrical/magnetic properties of materials. The group’s development over the years was supported by the research funding agencies CNPq, CAPES, FINEP and FAPESC, which contributed in the aquisition of equipments, research supplies and grants for the training of human resources. LFFS is a certified laboratory and is associated with CNPq research groups.