Bruker, DektakXT Stylus 
Responsible: Prof. André Avelino Pasa

       The system allows measuring height variations on the surface of the sample. The measurement is performed electromechanically by moving a diamond tip on the surface of the sample according to a user-programmed sweep length, speed, and force. The tip is connected to a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LDVT), which produces and processes electrical signals that correspond to surface variations of the sample.

Our system is only configured in 2D mode:

  • Manual XY translation: 101,6 x 101,6 mm (4 x 4 inches) XY translation;
  • Manual leveling;
  • Maximum sample thickness: 50 mm;
  • Maximum scanning legth: 55 mm;
  • Diameter of needle tip: 2 microns;

Operating schedule